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20 years ago we were working out of a van for a guy who just wanted to tear off roofs and replace them with new materials. That's it. He didn't want to coach the customers on their options. He didn't want to be better or help his crews to get better. That was the old way. Working for other people taught us a lot of things, and one of the big ones is that your house doesn't have to look the same as when you bought it or the same as it looked during your last paint job. Installing a new roof with a NEW COLOR OF SHINGLE, can totally change the look of your home. Think Pinterest, not This Old House. Look at how pretty those houses are on Pinterest. Google the color scheme you've always wanted but didn't think you could have. Now, imagine, later on or right away, you paint your house and trim colors in a way that make your house POP! 20 years ago we were installers, installing roof after roof, and you know what? It wasn't fun and it wasn't cool. Now that we have our own company we can help steer our customers to the choices they desired, but they didn't know they even had.

Roofs are pretty much the same if you use professional installers, quality materials, and you don't take shortcuts. So your next decision is who and when. Give us a call and you'll be able to see what a website can only hint at.

Licensed and insured for Cheyenne and Gillette

Licensed and insured for Cheyenne and Gillette

We are based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. We decided to go into business for ourselves in the summer of 2019. Our license was granted in September of 2019. We got off to the races and managed to get a few roofs in before mid-October. The plan was to get as many roofs lined up for the 2020 season as possible. Then COVID-19 popped up.

Roofing and Re-roofing are like a lot of things in construction. Many times the jobs are pretty straight forward with no surprises. However, sometimes, for some reason a roofer in the past may have hidden their mistakes or even skipped very important steps in the roofing process that can cause problems down the road, or even be in direct violation of codes and safety regulations. It's important that whoever puts on your new roof, does so in a manner that is professional and meets residential building codes.

After a hail storm and heavy rains many homes will suffer damaged shingles, dented gutters, dented down spouts, broken windows and window trim, and often times damaged siding. Usually you see this on one or two sides of a home where the wind was driving the majority of the forces. Sometimes the area looks the same as it did before the storm, only now you have some dents on your house, and sometimes it looks like a bomb went off in the area. The point is even if it seems minor, you should have in inspection done to find out if your roof has gotten to the point where it can no longer protect what is likely your most valuable asset.

Discovery work is common in our industry so we do our best to manage expectations of home owners and then we all hope for the best as we dig into the project. Siding and Roof repairs and inspections can often times lead to discoveries like cracks, missing pieces, brittleness, etc... It's at that time where either the home owner or one of your representatives will get with the insurance company to get started on a claim.

If you don't understand the claims process, or you are unsure, please give us a call and we will work with you to get the job done right!

How can we compete with the bigger roofing companies? We don't have their overhead costs. We are lean and mean! We don't have a big warehouse so we have to be strategic with our material orders. We don't a large lot full trucks and tools, so we have to maintain ours and have a few back-ups. Also, we aren't a fly-by-night outfit that takes shortcuts and re-uses materials that should be replaced. We can provide the same level of quality as the big dogs for a lesser cost and we can outperform the competitors who cut corners.

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